Posted by: Kaile | 04/28/2009


Yeah, I’m pretty much dead. School keeps me too busy, and I’ve pretty much given up on getting on the computer.

So, I really don’t know when I’ll return…

For now, I’ll just play dead. :D

Posted by: Kaile | 04/11/2009

Oh goodness…

Just popping in to say “hello, I am not dead yet!”.

And to say that this blogger is attending Sakura Con (right now), and saw something brilliant, besides Hitler in a pink tutu, because that made me day. Oh, and PedoJesus.

Warlock. Tier 3. With a Succubus.

I was like *slowmotionwant-grab*, and I hugged him.

But now I REALLY want to play World of Warcraft…

Regular posting will begin again on Monday.

Posted by: Kaile | 03/25/2009

Goddamnit. (HAITUS)

I totally saw this coming.

You see, I’ve technically been grounded from the computer since…


So, I found my step-dad’s old laptop, and a old internet modem I thought they forgot about. They’re under the impression that I’m writing a book/story/novel/whatever.

And have no idea that I’m using the internet.

But now they’re looking for the damn modem.

So I have to sneakily put it somewhere where they can find it…

In conclusion: I won’t be on for a little while. To the people who have me on their blogroll, I’d appreciate it if you kept up the link, I won’t be gone forever. To my readers… however many their are, thank you for your support, I promise to be back soon.

Posted by: Kaile | 03/22/2009

/flips over table
I’m having terrible writers block.
So there might not be any posts until I figure out how to fix it.

Posted by: Kaile | 03/20/2009

Up Your endGame – Part 1.

I promised, didn’t I? I’ve actually had a bunch of idea’s for the blog, and this guide is just the tip of the iceberg!
Don’t fret though. Regular Harii posts will be back soon ’nuff.

Up Your endGame - Part 1.

You’re level 80 now? Finally! I was thinking you were going to take forever!

So, what do you have planned?

…What do you mean nothing!

YOU HAVE TO HAVE A GAME PLAN! CONSTANT VIGILANCE!! You will be eaten and spit out if someone sees you, -Mister Level Eighty-, doing something uncool! It’s an Elf eat Elf world out there, man! It’s a good thing you have me though, or you’d be forever lost….

Raid Brigade!

Obviously: try your hand out at endgame raiding. If you’ve never raided in your “lifetime”, attempt casual Heroics with your friends until you understand your “role”. Never be afraid to try new things, or mix up your spell rotation; it could work for the best.

If you’re having trouble, check out Master’s Call Raiding Guide for quick hints and tips on how to get you started.

Players Victim to other Players.

Not a fan of raiding? No problem! Arenas, Battlegrounds, and PvP, oh my! Dying for some Alliance blood on your hands (or Horde if you swing that way)? Jumble up an Arena group with your friends, and prepare for carnage.

Think that the Arena’s are as faulty (unbalanced) as you’ve heard? Not an issue. Organize your backpack with potions, bandages, and extra food, because you have a long Warsong Gulch skirmish ahead of you.

A closed-in environment doesn’t do anything for you? Pop up your Player vs. Player flag and roam the countryside. Make that almost dead “World PvP” alive again!

Help people!

Remember those level 70’s (or 60, you old-timers) that used to run you through Scarlet Monetary? Did you ever look at them, and say “Daddy, I want to be JUST like him when I grow up!”? Now it’s your chance to give back to the community! Whether it’s your friends’ 100th alt, or some kid spamming the trade channel, obey their momentous commands!

And don’t say, “Oh, I can’t, I’m a priest”. Priests can rip somebody’s face off too.

You’re just doing it wrong.

The Dancing Queen…

Dance on a mailbox for a good 10 minutes, naked. I hear it’s all the rage today. Especially if you have long-ears. And are female.


Become the Loremaster, the Explorer, or the Ultimate Frisbee Champion. The world is your clam (watch out, they stack)! Amaze your friends by having the highest Achievement points on the server! Go back, and learn your lore by doing almost every quest on the continent(s)! Explore new places, and see things that you once thought impossible.

And figure out how it’s possible to play Frisbee ingame. And then tell Blizzard to give you the title.

For extra help, check out The Overachiever!

Thus ends Part One of the endgame guide. Stay tuned for tomorrow's installment.

Posted by: Kaile | 03/19/2009

…frost wyrm.

do want

Do want.

Do Want!



Posted by: Kaile | 03/17/2009

Update on life.



I guess I keep disappearing on you guys. My sincere apologies… This weekend was a distracting one.


My friend kidnapped me from Friday to Sunday. Well, I did go willingly, because horror movies, and large, copious amounts of food were offered. And it was her birthday, and I’m a nice person.

And from Monday to ….currently, I am sick. But forced to go to school.

So much fun.

Since guides seem to be in style, look out! Later on today, a guide from Harii will come your way (a rhyme by accident!).

Posted by: Kaile | 03/11/2009

Someone told me there was a party?


I want to thank you all for reading, loving, hating, inputing, opinionating, obsessing, dancing, partying, frolicking, laughing, sitting, sneezing, stalking, and just viewing.

You all have my utmost appreciation.

Posted by: Kaile | 03/10/2009

Morning Maintenance in March

As much as I enjoy a scheduled maintenance, instead of spontaneously thrust upon us at any time, Tuesday isn’t just the day for me.

One, I now dislike Tuesday mornings, unable to hop on, check my mail, and mindlessly banter on Trade about the importance of not bring Mum’s into the picture, even though it is so much fun.

Two, I don’t actually have to go to school until… 10. Instead of the usual 8:30. Two and a half hours of nothing. Woe is me. /sob

My week long “break” was great. I miss playing, but it’s going to be another couple weeks before I play again…

My break wasn’t really a break. I actually just had no idea what to write. So I just read everyone’s blog, and remained inconspicuous. /rogue

My life is back on track. Reading some great books. Re-watching the seasons of House (and honestly, staring at Thirteen). Frolicked in the snow for a few hours.

…now I just need to get Kaile to 80, and my life’ll be computer… Oh, did I say that?

I meant complete.

Posted by: Kaile | 03/03/2009

I’m taking a break. *multiple edits

EDIT (8 hours after original post): I’m not quitting this blog. Nor WoW, but I AM going to minimize my time when my parents return.

EDIT (5 minutes after original post): My dog apparently just passed away. Great day I’m having, isn’t it?

I have finally been able to be worried about myself. Actually, I’m scared shitless of what I’m/I’ve been doing.

My parents left me for five days on Saturday morning. I was excited, because I prefer being alone, and enjoy a quiet house. I was happy to be able to do what I wanted again, and eat whatever junk food I could.

Four days later, I am on the verge of tears. I couldn’t sleep at all last night, even though I was dead tired. I miss my family, alot. I miss having healthy food, REAL food. I feel sick, and I can’t concentrate. I’m constantly dizzy.

I’m going to get into trouble when they come home tomorrow, because I changed my mom’s password on the computer account, so I could play all I wanted, and bypass the parental controls on my computer account, that are obviously put there for a reason.

I can’t handle this anymore. I’m taking a much needed break from WoW, and maybe just the computer in general.

So, goodbye for now. Hope you don’t turn out like me.

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